Hole19 Golf

End to end design at a golf GPS and performance tracking app.

Hole19 is a golf GPS and performance company based in Lisbon, Portugal. I led end-to-end product design, stood up design system documentation, implemented new file organization, and mentored junior designers.

Below are some select projects that I worked on while with the company.
Lead designer for core mobile app (Hole19) on a small design team.
6 month contract beginning in November 2023.
- 10+ features launched
- 35% increase in social connections
- Design system documentation
Adding in elevated-adjusted distances
Golf courses are full of hills, slopes, and valleys. We designed and launched an easy way for players to view true "plays like" distances while on the course and while preparing for their rounds.
Preparing for shot dispersion
We designed a feature that displays distance arcs on top of the map view. This gives players the ability to see where both their good, and not so good, shots may end up based on their position.
Inviting friends
We not only made it easier to follow new people from within the app, but created a new flow that allows you to invite your friends to join. So far this suite of improvements has increased connections by 35%.
Improving the core playing experience
Some other improvements such as stroke indicators, more obvious wayfinding, and improved access to your scorecard and live leaderboards.
Educating users
When users enter the Course Preview mode for the first time they are now taken through a short, interactive, tutorial explaining the core feature and functionality of the flyover experience.
A piece of the journey
At the time, our team was building out an entire Collectibles-based ecosystem of products. Therefore, it was important to stay grounded in the entire customer journey, taking into account real world actions and motivations, and other eBay touchpoints while building out the Price Guide.

I did this by staying in constant communication with my design colleagues, and frequently sharing out work to stay in sync. Also, I created artifacts like the Golden Path user journey below were useful in staying aligned in design and review.
Our team had a debriefing session after launch. Team members expressed frustration over shifting executive priorities and technical issues being discovered late during the design process. This led to frustrating churn between design, engineering, and product teams.
Ultimately, we were able to get support for improving the experience after the Beta was launched. This is a credit in particular to my product partner who really championed our cause with senior product leadership.
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