The eBay Vault and Collection

Launch of two of eBay’s flagship collectible products.

My team launched the eBay collection, a online trading card portfolio, and eBay vault, a service for people to store high-valued trading cards in a secure physical facility.
Individual designer on team owning the end-to-end vault experience. Lead designer for direct submissions experience (currently in development).
July 2021 - March 2023. eBay collection beta launched July 2021, eBay vault launched in July 2022. Improvements ongoing.
4 designers. 1 design manager. 3 product managers. 20+ engineers. 10+ cross platform team dependencies.
The problem
eBay is the world’s largest marketplace for trading cards. However, it lacked a collection management platform for trading card enthusiasts who seek to flip or invest. The business consistently loses a fraction of this market share as users migrate to competitors yearly.
Business Goal: Incentivize trading card flippers and investors to keep their trading card transactions within the eBay ecosystem
Customer Goal: As an experienced trading card flipper, help me be aware of key times to buy vs sell high value trading cards. As an experience investor, I am looking for a secure storage solution for high value trading cards.
These two products are the fruit of over two years of work and is still ongoing, so I am unable to disclose too much about it.
Our team worked with product partners to identify the customer problem(s) to solve, business needs, expected outcomes, and strengths/weaknesses of the competition.
We designed end-to-end flows for the product which included onboarding, edge cases and entry points, and horizontal, cross domain and cross functional touch points across key areas of the ecosystem.
Final product
Our team launched both Collection (July 2021) and Vault (July 2022) as flagship products of the new eBay Collectibles ecosystem.
Product launch press
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